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About KG

KG Maintenance & Touch Up offers a wide variety of "Handy Man" services. Chris, the owner of KG, does a majority of work himself. Chris loves what he does. He helps people reach their home improvement goals and home maintenance needs. KG prides itself on top quality work with fair pricing. Please check out KG's portfolio page to see some "before and after" pictures of the work Chris has done.

"You relax, I got this."


KG Maintenance & Touch Up believes that maintaining your home is of utmost importance. It is less expensive to maintain what you have rather than repairing it after the damage is done.
That being said if repair is what your home needs, that is what it will get. 
If improvement is your goal, we will help you attain that goal. One of our greatest strengths is self awareness.
If your project is too daunting for a one or two person crew, Chris will let you know that. He will do his best to find a company more suited to your needs. KG Maintenance & Touch Up might not be right for every job but it will never be the wrong place to start.

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